What is Dendrite Park?

Dendrite Park is a digital agency with a flair for innovative design and elegant solutions. We live and breathe digital and thrive on challenges. We nurture a culture of creativity and innovation. We listen and ask the right questions. We connect the dots and draw conclusions. Instead of a small screen we see the big picture.

What is our philosophy?

The world is binary: black or white, 1 or 0, win or lose. There is nothing in between success and failure. We either deliver or no, you either sell or not. It’s not about technology. It’s always about people and profits. Our hand-crafted digital solutions are as unique as the problems they solve and as simple as possible.

What do we do?

We are focused on delivering measurable business results. Our main focus is strategy, creative, web development and analytics combined with best use of available technologies. And brains.