5 Steps To Build Trust In Your Brand With Social Media

Businesses and social media have a common bedrock – a two-way channel. These fields work best when the sender and receiver can switch places so they may interact with each other. But when it comes to traditional marketing, advertisers almost have exclusive rights to broadcast their message to consumers. This one-way channel of a crude business relationship no longer works.

Modern consumers crave for communication and interaction. They want to talk, ask, complain, or discuss directly with business owners and entrepreneurs – plausibly due to the proliferation of social media. But do not blame Facebook or Twitter for it. Instead, make social media your friend and adopt its best practices.

Internet marketing changed when social media marketing came into the picture. Companies can no longer remain mum and sneak behind curtains, hiring marketers and advertising agencies to pitch their products and services. The modern consumer wants full disclosure of business information such as practices and policies, not elegant slogans and cute logos.

As an entrepreneur yearning to grow the business, you need a social media guideline to build or maintain a lasting relationship with your consumers. Here are some tips on how you can use social media to build trust in your brand:

1. Create conversations regularly.

As mentioned earlier, businesses and social media are two-way streets. You have to connect and engage with your audience to provide the best customer service on the platform. And when you answer questions, address concerns, and post content, please avoid the industry’s gobbledygook. We are humans – not robots.

2. Keep the audience engaged.

During the early stages of development, and as your business grows, never forget to ask the opinion and suggestions of your audience. Allow them to have a say on a new product or service. Whether or not they like the product, you already started a long discussion. And you have drawn the attention of your target audience. If they like your new offering, they will likely share it to other people and start a chain reaction of new followers and prospects.

3. Open up to your consumers.

Social media is a platform wherein people talk at a personal level. It encourages your audience to ask about personal details – your struggles, goals, and achievements – so open up to them.

Business owners must join their employees in fundraisers to show support in local communities. They may capture photos of these events and upload it to the business’s social media account. Consumers are more likely to support brands that value its workforce and share their interests.

4. Learn to accept mistakes, apologize, and move on.

When you make a mistake, lower your ego. Point out to your audience where you made a mistake and ask for an apology. If necessary, discuss with the audience the damages it may have done to them. And let them know you are doing your best to provide a temporary solution or an immediate fix. As long as you are honest with them, they will understand.

When delivering an apology, do it deliberately and timely through social media. It will prevent or stop negative posts about your brand.

Once everything is settled, and you have honestly conveyed a clear explanation, focus on addressing the problem. And do not dawdle or waste time. The last thing you want to happen is to lose the audience permanently.

5. Show passion in the business amid your vulnerabilities.

“To err is human,” the adage says. Do not be afraid to expose your humanness. Take risks amid your vulnerabilities if you want to gain the audience’s trust.

You also have to establish the brand’s character online. And this means you have to let the audience know that the brand and business matches your own character – that you have the same passion and goals.

By following these tips in using social media to build brand trust, your brand and business will stand out against the competition and will quickly draw the attention of your target audience.

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