How To Deal With YouTube Trolls

youtube trolls
photo credit: eurobas via photopin cc

YouTube is the most visited website for uploading music videos, movie trailers, full-length films, personal footages, and other types of video clips. This public display of various clips has made it a natural habitat for trolls – people who live online to drop snide remarks and irrelevant comments.

Though YouTube has endured a few hang-ups after it launched and has been tested through time, it’s nonexempt from criticisms and the negativity that lurks on the Internet. Whether or not you’re still new or skeptical in using the service, you must know how to deal with the proponents of these attacks.

Trolls stalk YouTube channels – or the Internet at large – just to comment whenever they can. Most of their comments are pointless, cold, heartless, or unsympathetic – a form of bullying per se. They use anonymity as their protection to concoct something from nothing, eventually leading to a nonsensical or ludicrous conclusion. Even the cutest inoffensive YouTube videos will receive obnoxious, indecent comments. It makes you wonder how trolls’ minds work. Here’s a guide on how you can deal with them.

1. Learn to be patient and ignore them.

The best approach against trolling is to take no notice of them. Other people will empathize and defend you if you ignore troublemakers. Do not stoop down to the level of trolls; save yourself from never-ending rants of mud-slinging. This doesn’t mean that you have to turn a blind eye on all critics. Some people offer constructive criticisms and helpful hints. You must learn which is which amid the pool of hecklers.

2. Don’t feed the trolls.

Though sometimes we tend to reply to turn negative feedback with witty remarks, avoid by all means or whenever possible. If someone comments something clever or seemingly true about your video, acknowledge his or her opinion. But also know that trolls have a propensity to reply with frivolous remarks to people who answer back. They will find it encouraging when you reply to their comments.

3. If everything fails, block them.

Thankfully, YouTube allows its users to block a particular user from posting comments. If you see someone in your channel guilty of posting abhorrent, indecent, or bullying comments, the best approach is to block that user. But scrutinize and deliberate first before doing so, as intolerance will lead to a drop in your comments.

Finally, as a rule of thumb, never mind about the trolls and never be affected by their posts. Just stay true to yourself and your target audience.