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01 November 2013

How To Get Your Own Vanity URL on Google+

Until now Google+ addresses weren’t very easy to navigate to. They consisted of long strings of numbers and were impossible to remember unless you happened to be some sort of a savant. Luckily, that changed and Google just rolled out custom URLs also known as vanity URLs.

Claiming your own vanity URL on Google+ is easy

Your page needs to meet only 3 criteria:
1. Be at least 30 days old,
2. Have at least 10 followers,
3. Have a profile photo.

Local businesses must be verified and non-local Google+ pages must be linked to a website.

Go to the “About” tab on your profile and click the “Get” link located just below your current Google plus URL. You will be presented with the URL (or URLs) you have been approved for. Choose the one you like the best, agree to the Terms of Service and click “Change URL.” Make sure there is no typo in the name as Google won’t allow you to change your custom URL once you’ve confirmed your choice.

Alternatively wait for Google to send you an email, click “Get URL” and confirm our choice (same caveats as above apply). Enjoy your new vanity URL on Google+ and start promoting your page!