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04 July 2013

Perfect Email Signature

If you are sending email, chances are you have an email signature. This interesting infographic comes from Write That Name and is a result of the analysis of 700 million emails. Write That Name provides a service that scans your inbox, recognizes the signature block and automatically updates your contact book. This makes them uniquely positioned to advise on what to include and what to leave out when it comes to email signature formats.

Best Email Signature Practices

1. Make sure the social networks you’re including are relevant. Ask yourself if they bring any value to your prospects. What will they learn about you or your business by visiting your profile?
2. Separate the email signature from the rest of your email with “–” It’s a standard that’s easy to follow.
3. Never use an image as your email signature. It increases the chance of you email getting caught by recipients’ spam filters and makes it really difficult to copy/click on your information.

email signatureInfographic by