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17 July 2013

How To Write a Perfect Status on Facebook

Writing a perfect status on Facebook is not as hard as it seems. Everybody wants their statuses to be seen, shared and commented on. It can help to understand how the Edgerank algorithm works and then follow these helpful tips from Shorstack.

1. Be interesting, be intriguing, be awesome. Often easier said than done but try to attract your readers’ attention. You are competing with hundreds of other posts and it takes them a split second to decide whether to click on your link or not. Don’t waste it.

2. HOT TIP! People love tips – why not share some? It’s an easy way to get their attention – and eyeballs.

3. Instead of just sharing a link add something from yourself. “Check this awesome infographic” goes a long way, provided it’s really awesome.

4. Ask fewer questions and give more answers. It is very frustrating to ask your fans a question and then receive no or very little feedback. Manage your expectations and keep posting great content. You’ll get there!

5. Suggest and inspire action. Sometimes you can ask your fans to share something but don’t overdo it. Begging rarely works.

6. Prepare your fans for what’s coming next. Whether it’s 20 minutes with Seth Godin or something else be specific in letting your fans know what to expect.

7. Add a brief P.S. at the end of the status update and the chances are it will receive more clicks than the other ones. It does wonders when it comes to catching your readers’ attention.

8. Keep your posts between 100 and 250 characters. These get 60% more likes than posts with more than 250 characters. Use a link shortener – we like Bitly.

9. Use images as they have a bigger chance of making it to the newsfeed. Postrocket will let you post a link as a photo and then publish it at a perfect time. Pretty awesome.

10. Ask for comments. They are worth more than likes and help you win the competition to your fans’ newsfeeds.