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12 December 2013

Pinterest Gains Traction In News Postings

Pinterest is surging. Though it is famous for posts about food, retail, and travel, the social photo-sharing service has gained ground on news postings. And it is now only behind Facebook and Twitter as the social sharing service of choice.

Findings from a new study by Gigya, conducted from the quarter ending on September 2013, show that Pinterest accounted for 20 percent of Media/Publishing content shared to all social networking services.

Though Facebook still led as top social network for media and publishing at 40 percent, Twitter and Pinterest continued to gain ground at 30 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

Pinterest led all social networks as the most popular sharing destination for ecommerce sites and apps at 44 percent, followed by Facebook at 37 percent and Twitter at 12 percent.

Pinterest managed to slip within the top three spots for the Consumer Brands, Travel/Hospitality, and Education/Non-Profit categories.

In Consumer Brands, Facebook had a 5 percent increase from the previous quarter to reach 46 percent while Pinterest had a 9 percent increase to reach 11 percent. Social sharing among consumers was greater on these social platforms due to the emotional connection with what they share.

In Travel/Hospitality, Facebook still dominated the chart for social sharing as Pinterest and Twitter dropped shares from the second quarter to the third quarter.

In Education/Non-Profit, Facebook was more dominant than in the previous category. But Google+ rose 6 percent from the second quarter to equal Pinterest’s 8 percent share.

Though Facebook dropped 9 percent from the last quarter, it remained the most-preferred social sharing site at 41 percent, followed by Twitter and Pinterest at 30 percent and 20 percent, respectively. Twitter had a 6 percent increase while Pinterest rose 4 percent from the last quarter.

The global arena for the quarter ending on September 2013 was dominated by Facebook and Twitter posts, with South Americans the most active sharers on the world’s largest social network at 67 percent. But Pinterest managed to slip to top two in North America, ahead of Twitter, at 29 percent.

Though the five major social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn – were leaders overall, Japan’s Mixi at 4 percent and Russia’s Vkontakte at 2 percent gained traction in Asia/Pacific and Europe, respectively.

For the study, Gigya’s definition for a social share is when a user clicked a share button or used a share plugin. The company did not count cases wherein users copy/paste to share content. But the sample size is fairly large because Gigya has hundreds of clients, including ABC, FOX, NBC, and Gannett and Hearst.

Take a look at the infographic below by Gigya for a graphic view on how the world used social sharing and its worldwide distribution from the last quarter.