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02 November 2013

Thumbs Up to Pinterest Related Pins

pinterest related pins
With over 70 million users and 5 million Pins added daily, Pinterest is increasingly becoming a very crowded place (October 2013 data.) How do you find valuable and relevant content on Pinterest? Related Pins might be the answer.

They will be added into the Home Feed based on the previous Pins you’ve added, liked or clicked on, the Boards you follow and sites you have visited recently. The latest feature can be turned off by going to your account settings and turning off Personalization.

Pinterest Related Pins – thumbs up, thumbs down

It’s going to make fine-tuning your Pinterest experience much easier. Vote thumbs up to see more of the Pins related to your interests. Vote thumbs down to see fewer of less relevant ones.

Pinterest promises not to add too many related Pins to your Home Feed. “We’ll be starting slowly with just a few Pins to make sure you like what you see. And since you know what you like way better than we do, we’ll be using your feedback to keep on making improvements,” the company said in an official blog post.

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