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30 August 2013

SEO Ranking Factors 2013 Inforgraphic By Ben Norman

This infographic on SEO ranking factors comes from Ben Norman, one of UK’s leading SEO consultants. I love his blog and his writing style because it is both informative and yet easy to digest. I’ve previously featured his SEO checklist 2013 and now I’m thrilled to publish his newest infographic. Its focus is the SEO ranking factors – namely the things you have to pay attention to in order to get a decent amount of organic traffic to your site.

On-page SEO ranking factors

It’s basically letting search engines know what your page is about:
• Title tags – the title of the page, I like to keep mine around 40 characters
• Meta description – 155 characters to tell the search engines more about the content of the page and woo your readers to click on the search results.
• Heading tags – it’s about giving your content some structure, H1 tags for titles, H2 tags for subheadings. I like to have a key word in a H2 tag, see above:) Read more about on-page SEO.


This is self-explanatory with one exception – people new to SEO copywriting tend to binge on keywords. But the reality is the keyword density no longer seems to influence the ranking and you shouldn’t really care about it. Try instead to write unique and useful content for people and not the search engines. Write often, be relevant and timely.

Technical stuff

There are a few things that are easily missed that can cost you dearly. Sitemaps tell the search engines what to crawl on your page. Robots.txt file tells them the opposite – what not to crawl. Both take a minute to create and there are tons of online tools to do so. The next one is speed – there is nothing more frustrating than a slow-loading site. Optimize your pages,get better hosting and start using CloudFlare – their free plan is unbeatable. Below is a result of our test. Click it to see how your page is doing.

site speed

Off-page SEO ranking factors

There are only a few things that can be done outside of your website but if done well, should be sufficient. Google and all other search engines are running a perpetual popularity contest: get other sites to link to you and you’re a winner. Social media offers a wonderful opportunity to promote your content – if it’s good, people will share it and link to it. This is exactly what Ben Norman did with the infographic below – it’s a quality content that will bring thousands of links to his site. Enjoy!

seo ranking factors
Source: SEO Consultant Ben Norman