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29 May 2013

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook


Facebook appears to be quite simple but that certainly does not mean it’s free from exciting surprises. Whether you want to impress your Facebook pals, shock your brainy teenager or are simply interested in having an effective communication with your team, this list of seven things you didn’t know about Facebook will be helpful in keeping you in the know! So take some time and learn these things you probably didn’t know you could do with Facebook:

1. Create an Interests List

You can build an interests list which lets you to keep your interests on the homepage menu. To create your interests list, you just have to click “add interests” and “create list”, after which, you can start adding subscriptions, people and more. Moreover, you can categorize your friends according to the interests you share or how you met.

2. Track the Success of Your Facebook Page

One of the most exciting things you can do with Facebook is tracking the success of your Facebook page. Whether it is your personal promotion page or a page for the promotion of your business, Facebook lets you keep track of user feedback and page views. You simply need to click “View Insights” to view charts of page interactions and user information. You can not only see the number of comments and likes, demographics of your page’s visitors but you can also view the web domains that are driving traffic to your Facebook page.

3. Create a Poll

Have some fun and get interactive by creating a poll on Facebook. Facebook helps you keep your discussions focused by taking the first three answers to your question and turning them into a poll.

4. Post a Playable MP3

Did you know that pasting a link that ends in “.mp3” to your status update lets Facebook create a player in the update? This amazing feature allows other users to play the music without clicking through to its host website.

5. Add Pictures to Your Maps

What can be more fun than sharing where you have been with Facebook maps? Have you ever thought about adding your pictures to Facebook maps? Facebook lets you create an enjoyable, interactive map that shows the places you have visited, complete with pics. To create your map, go to “Photos” and click “Add Photos to Map”.

6. Reposition Your Photos

Do you get annoyed when you upload a picture that does not fit properly on your Facebook Timeline? Many people aren’t aware that Facebook lets you reposition and edit your pictures the right way on your Timeline.

7. Target a Post to a Specific Location

Another terrific feature of Facebook is that you can target a post to a specific location. This feature is helpful for small business owners and those who run their businesses globally.

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