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11 December 2013

How A Small Business Owner Should Treat Social Media

Entrepreneurs know that the Internet changes over time. Businesses no longer enjoy the competitive edge of simply owning a website as rivals increasingly raise their consciousness and tap into cutting-edge technologies.
Though small businesses and startups now need higher investments to find success online, the gains of Internet marketing dwarf the contrary. Business managers must develop a strategy and actively take part in social media platforms to stay ahead of the competition and the customers.
A social media marketing campaign has several strategies to offer the business owner but here are five crucial approaches you can start with:


photo credit: dubofadubofadub via photopin cc

1. Always take action online.

To be active online means creating or updating content on your website, blog, and social media pages.
Constant updates mean constant engagement because customers see and connect with your every move. They can tell if your business is real and if your promises are true.

2. Know who your customers are and find them.

At the outset, you must know the target audience and the social media platforms they are in. This will get easier as more people consume digital content.
Keep track of topics and trends related to your niche and monitor the number of user engagements these items receive. The more targeted you are, the faster you see results.

3. Give customers a simple way to reach you and listen to them.

Apart from fresh content and regular updates, you must be receptive to suggestions, proposals, and even negative comments. The best way for a business to improve and move forward is to listen from customers and learn from previous mistakes.
Provide a way for your customers and followers to connect and engage directly with the business manager or owner. This act builds trust and loyalty to your brand.

4. Blog, blog, and blog, and then blog some more.

The most effective bloggers make the most of their blogs. Blogging is the business’s link to existing and potential customers. It is an easier way to address issues and answer questions from them.
Each blog post creates a new entrance to your site and a new sale opportunity. The need for more consumable content will drive your customers to look for new information, so provide bait or feed them often.

5. Social media is about being social.

By “social,” it means you have to relate to human society and its members. Talk to people, reply to people, and engage with people – your customers are online individuals who seek information from you. Thus, be considerate and give them proper attention.
If you want to establish a community or organize a group, social media is the first and last step you will need to build real relationships and to promote your brand at one fell swoop.

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