Social Media’s 80-20 Rule For Business

Though social media content management does not have a main, definitive rule of thumb, there are guidelines that businesses can apply. Among these guiding principles for managing content in social media platforms is the 80-20 Rule.

Any type of business at any level has to include the 80-20 Rule in its social media strategy. From small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to the giant corporations, this course of action plays a critical role to run a successful social media marketing campaign.

The 80-20 Rule is easy to follow. Your business must commit 80 percent of posts to content that are interesting, informative, and relevant to the audience – this connects common interests and engages them in a chain of discussions. The remaining 20 percent is where the definite promotion of your brand happens.

Remember that social media first launched as a platform for people who want to communicate with other people. The last things people would expect to find are a torrent of ad banners and flashy creative from advertisers.

Some users have an adamant propensity toward any form of advertisement – they want to abolish ads altogether. So create a campaign that focuses on building relationships. Do not irk your audience with languid content that uses an inapt style to convey your message. And relate with the audience first before the brand image.

In brief, be sociable on social media and drop most of your sales pitch.

This year we saw social networks adopt advertising as a lucrative source of revenue. 2013 marks a year when content marketing impinged on social media marketing. Today businesses and marketers have a good grasp in using great content to gain traction in social media.

How do you implement content marketing into the 80-20 Rule as part of your social media marketing strategy? Read below.

The Shareable 80 Percent

To commit 80 percent of posts on your social channels exclusively to non-promotional information is daunting for some businesses. But if it’s necessary to draw the attention of your target audience by tapping into their interests and needs, it’s worth all the effort.

You may start by collecting engaging ideas and insights from influencers in your niche. Choose content that resembles your personal thoughts or your business’s profile. And compile inspiring materials from resources such as news, quotes, Q&A’s, tweets, and so on – find content that will charm your audience and share these items on your social channels. This is similar to scanning your RSS reader to choose the news you’re interested in.

In summary, here are the steps to make 80 percent of your content shareable:
1. Follow influencers in your niche,
2. Share interesting content with your audience, and
3. Connect and engage with your influencers.

The Cogent 20 Percent

The audience has been taken care of so it’s time for your own 20 percent to create an impact. This part of the 80-20 Rule fixes your eyes on the brand and its image. Here you can add details or information about your products or services as long as it benefits the audience. You may discount some offers, add an exceptional deal, share valuable statistics, and so on. But ensure that you include a cogent call to action on each post. Powerfully persuasive calls to action inspire your audience to connect and engage with your company. This will boost your lead conversion rate.

To sum up the 80-20 Rule, if you focus only on self-promotional content within your social channels, your audience will respond quickly and ignore your flashy advertisements. The only way to draw their attention is to find and respond to each other’s common interests and needs. Finally, sustainable social media presence relies on proper content management.

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